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“What Should I Wear?!” | Tips For Clients

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Often I get asked the question “what should I wear?”  It’s simple! Scroll down for each type of portrait session tips.



For Seniors:

Bring A Variety & Layer

You can wear casual or dressy outfits, or both! I always recommend bringing extra outfits to choose from on the day of. Even if you don’t wear all of them it’s better to have more options than not enough. Layering can really enhance your outfit with jewelry, hats, sweaters, scarves, etc. especially for colder weather.

Make Those Memories With Props

For senior portraits, bring along at least a sweatshirt/t-shirt with your college name or sorority/ fraternity letters. Trust me, it’s a good choice when you look back at the photos in a few years! It will bring back so many memories.

Bring Props!

I highly recommend props!! And let’s be honest, senior sessions looks extra cute with props that relate to your major or future career! Even bringing a personal item makes your session that much more personable and unique!

Plan Ahead

Consider planning your outfit ahead of time and to think about the location environment.

Colors & Seasons

I always recommend bold colors and patterns. The time of the year has influence as well; neutrals for fall and bright colors for spring. But you can wear whatever colors you want! The best patterns for photographs are thick stripes, chevron, floral, plaid, polka dot, and aztec.

Pinterest Ideas

Here are some senior outfit inpsiration on my Pinterest page!

Show Your Personality

It’s best to wear outfits that best represent YOU! If you like dressing up, wear something more dressy. If your personality is converse and jeans, then that’s fine! Feel comfortable and confident.

Natural Looking Makeup

Makeup makes a big difference in pictures. If you’re not the makeup-type, even just mascara and lipgloss goes a long way. Natural-looking makeup/lighter eyeshadow looks best for pictures and will match your outfits easier.

Fitted = Flattering

It’s best to stay away from loose or baggy clothing. Comfortably fitted clothes always look better for photos!

Freshen Up!

It’s a great idea to have a small mirror, comb or brush, and your lipstick to use in-between outfit changes.



For Couples:

Colors & Patterns

I always suggest picking a few color schemes and wearing similar colors in different shades or pattern schemes. This makes picking outfits a lot easier if you center them around color scheme or pattern theme. Remember not to be “too matching” when picking colors. You can picker lighter or darker shades of that color, but never wear the exact same color. If one person is wearing a pattern, then the other isn’t for each outfit.

Get Creative!

Consider bringing one themed outfit. This could be jerseys from your favorite spot team, or mickey mouse ears since you both love Disney..whatever it may be, this will make your pictures super unique! Something to sit on or wrap around yourself can give the photos a different look, like a nice blanket. Also, for engagement session, I highly recommend bringing props!! This can include save-the-date signs, chalk boards, balloons, and other themed props. There’s tons of prop ideas on Pinterest!

Makeup & Hair Ideas

Some ladies like to get their hair & makeup done at a salon before a session. This is suggestion, but not recommended. However, if you are doing your own makeup, make sure it fits with all of your outfit choices. Lighter eyeshadow/natural-looking makeup looks best for pictures and goes with any outfit. Always keep it light and bright!

Pinterest Ideas

Here’s some couples outfit inspiration and engagement props/themes on my Pinterest page!

Fitted = Flattering

It’s best to stay away from loose or baggy clothing. Comfortable fitted clothes always look better for photos!

Plan In Advance

Keep in mind planning ahead, at least a few days in advance for your portrait session and the season. This gives you time to decide outfits, purchase new items if needed, plan how to do your hair/makeup, and what props to bring. Bring multiple outfits (both casual and dressed-up), even if you don’t wear all of them, it’s better to have more to choose from. Bring all of your outfits in a bag, this way no time will be wasted running back to the car.

For Pets

If you’re bringing your pet, it’s smart to bring a squeaky toy or bag of treats along. This will help get their attention during the session. also fee free to dress them creatively. You can bring something creative such as a bandana or bow tie instead of having them wear a collar.



For Families & Sorority Sisters:

Planning For Color Schemes

I recommend planning to choose 1-2 color schemes, in warm or cool colors. Once you have chosen your color scheme, stick to those colors, let each family member wearing similar, lighter or darker shades of those colors. Remember to pick a plain color, not a pattern. For color scheme ideas, check out the Family Pinterest Board. I suggest families to wear casual outfits unless it’s themed for a holiday, like Christmas.

For sorority sisters, it’s best to have one color and pick colors around the color you choose. For example in the picture above, they chose mint as their color and wore blue mint and green mint dresses.

Pinterest Ideas

Here’s some family outfit inspiration on my Pinterest page!

Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead for a family session, when picking outfits. I suggest families to usually just wear one outfit during a seasons, especially with the kiddos.